Madrid Foto 2010 Muestran sus propuestas fotográficas en el evento 350 artistas y más de medio centenar de galerías procedentes de doce países, ocho más que el año pasado. Destacan entre ellas cuatro salas norteamericanas de primera fila que mostrarán, especialmente, instantáneas vintage: Alan Klotz, Kris Graves, Laurence Miller y Aperture Gallery. Entre los centros participantes figuran también 3 Punts, Ana Vilaseco, Blanca Berlín, Casado-Santapau, Distrito 4, Estiarte, Fernando Pradilla, Fúcares, Formato Cómodo, Carles Taché, Hartmann, María Llanos, Tagomago, Horrach Moya, Inés Barrenechea, La Caja Negra, La Fábrica, Luis Adelantado, Max Estrella, Michel Soskine, Mirta Demare, Moisés Pérez de Albéniz, My Name´s Lolita Art,Moriarty, Nuble, Patricia Conde o Pedro Cera. La feria trae consigo además dos galardones: el que ha otorgado la Comunidad de Madrid a un valor emergente (Dias & Riedweg por su obra Each thing his place. Another place, another thing, que puede verse en el stand de Filomena Soares) y el que premiará a la mejor obra relacionada con la sostenibilidad, patrocinado por Acciona. Además, parte de la colección fotográfica de la Fundación Coca-Colapuede contemplarse en la zona VIP de MADRIDFOTO, y en el espacio Off Gallery, con el patrocinio de Gin Mare, se exhiben instantáneas relacionadas con el Mediterráneo de artistas aún no representados por galerías. Con el objetivo de dinamizar el mercado de la fotografía y estimular el coleccionismo privado, institucional y corporativo de este medio, la organización de MADRIDFOTO ha diseñado un completo programa destinado a atraer a Madrid a grandes compradores de arte y durante los cinco días que durará la feria el público puede conversar, entre otros fotógrafos, con Javier Arcenillas, Manel Armengol, José Ramón Bas, Luis Baylón,Ramón Masats o Esteban Pastorino, que firmarán ejemplares de sus últimos catálogos y publicaciones. Además SEACEX ha organizado encuentros entre directores de centros, comisarios, profesionales de la fotografía, expositores y público, en el que unos y otros compartirán experiencias y proyectos futuros. El programa de actividades puede consultarse aquí. Recordamos por último que el equipo organizador de MADRIDFOTO está integrado por Giulietta Speranza (Directora artística), Enrique de Polanco (presidente de Art Fairs) y el comité asesor del evento, integrado por Efraín Bernal (La Fábrica), Lorena Martínez de Corral (Expoactual), Nicholas Metivier (de la galería del mismo nombre), Rosa Olivares (EXIT) y Carlos Urroz (Urroz Proyectos). via: http://www.masdearte.com/index.php?option=com_elements&view=images&id=131&Itemid=14
Talking the topic of teen sex Regardless of whether your kids are doing it, they need parental guidance Recent media reports about teen sexual activity undoubtedly have many parents concerned. Newspaper articles and TV segments have suggested that "hooking up" and having "friends with benefits" are disturbingly common behaviors among today's kids. (In case you aren't up on this terminology, "hooking up" is the new way to say "one-night stand." If the nights turn into a series but still no relationship, that's a "friend with benefits.") Of course, sexual experimentation and sex without love aren't new. But the notion that a good many members of the barely-driving set appear to be engaging in these behaviors — and are often blasé about it — is alarming. Experts say sexually explicit advertising and the barrage of “reality” TV shows with couples hooking up in front of millions of viewers doesn’t help, but they primarily blame the problem on the very thing you're staring at right now. Yep, the Internet. "The Web is this generation's singles bar and discotheque, and it's open to all ages," explains Michael J. Basso, a public health advisor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and author of "The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality." High-school students have their own versions of the dating sites so popular with adults. The sites make hook-ups fast, easy and often too tempting to resist. A lot of hype? Not that we should assume every kid is doing this, says Basso, who also spent eight years as a health and sexuality teacher at an inner-city Miami school. The majority of young people, he believes, are still muddling through life the old-fashioned way — finding girlfriends and boyfriends face-to-face, perhaps eventually experimenting with sex after having a relationship, really breaking up (as opposed to simply discovering you've been blocked from instant messaging someone) — and doing a swell job at it. In fact, he says, at the same time teens are supposedly "hooking up" and having "friends with benefits" in droves, the latest data from the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey suggest that since 1991 the number of teens engaging in sexual intercourse has actually declined ever so slightly. So, is hooking up a real youth trend or is this a case of salacious media hype on a slow news day? NBC: Nearly 3 in 10 young teens 'sexually active' It hardly matters. The reason parents should be concerned isn't because hooking up is storming the nation. They should be concerned for the same reasons parents should've been concerned 20 or even 50 years ago, says Sheree Conrad, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. 'Unfortunately, the vast majority of parents still never have a conversation with their kids about sex beyond maybe giving them information about reproductive biology.' — SHEREE CONRAD University of Massachusetts When it comes to sex, teens need — and have always needed — help from their parents. "Unfortunately, the vast majority of parents still never have a conversation with...

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